Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Sara Ogilvie Workshop at Paper Dove

Sara showing the group her prints and explaining about her working process.
Paper Dove designer, Caroline Gordon getting stuck in with mono-printing. 
My experimental mono-prints based on Sara's beautiful Russian Dolls.
Sketchbook development from Sara's new book 'Meet the Parents'.

Last week at Paper Dove was full of fun and excitement with a visit from my favourite illustrator, Sara Ogilvie (the illustrator of 'Dog don't do Ballet'). 

I first met Sara at the 'Take Five Illustrators' exhibition opening in 2012 at the Scottish National Gallery in Edinburgh, whilst studying for my masters degree at Edinburgh College of Art. Since then I have been fortunate to work with her at other talks and workshops at both Seven Stories and Edinburgh College of Art. This time I'm lucky enough to work with her at my new workplace.

During the morning session, Sara gave an inspiring talk about us where she finds inspiration, her creative process, her approaches to different creative projects and creating books for children.

After lunch we had a messy session in the print room, experimenting with the potential of mono-printing and screen-printing. As a group we came up with some interesting characters based on some observational drawings of Sara's collection of old toys.

I am looking forward to arranging her next visit soon!