Sunday, 13 February 2011

Visit to Seven Stories

This weekend, I took full advantage of a free Sunday by taking a trip into Newcastle to the magical Seven Stories. Their current exhibitions are the Mr Gumpy and Other Outings: 50 Years of John Burningham’s Work  and There's Nuffin like a Puffin!

I am a huge John Burningham fan! The opportunity to see a collection of his original artwork so was so exciting and inspiring! There is a huge range of images on display from doodles and sketches to huge finished pieces. I was actually suprised at how large some of his illustrations were. This exhibitions closes on the 23rd March, so if you haven't been down there yet, I would definitely advise you to do so before it's too late!

The Puffin Books exhibition was also a treat! There were some amazing illustrations on display from classics such as 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar', 'Stig of the Dump', 'Each Peach Pear Plumb' and 'Meg and Mog'. There were even a few rejection letters on display, which is comforting to young hopefuls out there! 

Unfortunately I was unable to visit Seven Stories when Oliver Jeffers was creating his amazing installation in the Attic Space in November 2010. The installation is based on the award winning 'The Incredible Book Eating Boy'. During this visit I trekked it to the very top of the building to see it! It was well worth the climb :)

Very much looking for to their next exhibition of Through the Magic Mirror, the World of Anthony Browne which opens on Saturday 9 April 2011.

Part of the Oliver Jeffers Installation
Part of the Oliver Jeffers Installation
Part  of the Oliver Jeffers Installation

Me in the book shop, next to Pooh

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