Friday, 17 August 2012

Illustration Friday - Teacher

Here is a little taster of something that I have been working on over the summer. For purpose of this week's Illustration Friday topic I am going to say that 'this little girl is teaching this cute dog how to behave nicely.'

There is more to these two little characters though.... I am being very daring and having a go at writing AND illustrating my own picture book, after much encouragement from friends, mentors and my lovely agent Kathryn Ross.

I wouldn't say that writing stories comes naturally to me, but I feel that things are finally starting to take shape. The main character is inspired by my little niece, which definitely keeps me entertained!


  1. Love your style, Holly! Good luck with your book!

  2. you have a very cool style. well done!

  3. Brilliant illustration, great work! Look like perfect characters for a book.

  4. Both of these characters are adorable! And good luck on your ambitious project! Hooray!

  5. It's really cute. And despite being cute, it doesn't look cheesy nor affected. Good work!
    And good luck with your project! :)