Thursday, 3 July 2014

Learning how to Letterpress

With Verity and ready for acton in the print room.
Jen putting the next plate in place for print.
Over the past few weeks I have started joining Jen and Verity in the letterpress room learning how to letterpress on a beautiful Heidelberg machine.

Letterpress has become the go-to printing technique for greeting cards, business cards and wedding invitations. Invented in the 15th Century, it was the most reliable and widely used method of printing. This printing method originally involved manually arranging words and images before pressing them into high-quality paper.

Although this is still common practice for many designers, at Paper Dove, we create card designs digitally and have metal plates made from them to then print onto beautiful paper. 

It is great to design for letterpress, but it is even better now that I am learning to print for it as well.


  1. This post makes me jealous - I want to print with you again Holly! One day... xxx

    1. I want to print with again too!! Don't worry... It won't be long now x x x