Tuesday, 14 October 2014

'Over the Hills and Far Away' Book Launch

On Monday 13th October, we had the launch of the 'Over the Hills and Far Away' book that was held at the Free Word Centre in London.

It was an absolute honour to be asked to be apart of the illustration panel including illustration legends Jane Ray and Michael Foreman, and 'illustrator of the moment,' Yasmin Ismail.
'Over the Hills and Far Away' Special Edition Cover by Jane Ray
Michael Rosen headed the evening and encouraged lively discussions about the power of nursery rhyme and verse, the importance of diversity in children's books, how each illustrator responded to the invitation to contribute to the book, creative working method (traditional vs contemporary) and how an artist approaches colour.

The Panel: Me, Yasmeen Ismail, Michael Foreman, Michael Rosen, Jane Ray, 
Elizabeth Hammill and Joseph Coelho
Performance poet Joesph Coelho, who was also on the panel, entertained us with beautiful and humorous readings of verses such as 'In the Blue Night' and 'You thumb there, wake up'.

Pre-event book signing (Jane, Michael Foreman, Elizabeth Hammill and me!)
After a wonderful evening at the Free Word Centre, I made a quick dash to Kings Cross with the rest of the Seven Stories team for our train back to Newcastle. Now we look forward to the second celebration event on Wednesday at Seven Stories itself.

You can order your copy from the Seven Stories website. All proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to Seven Stories, to help save and celebrate the wonderful world of children's books.

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