Monday, 23 April 2012

Illustration Friday - Heights

New heights for Molly in more than one way...

This illustration is taken from a sketch that I did during the early stages of developing my character. Continuing my experimentation with my Wacom tablet I started adding textures and depth to the sketch.

Molly has also started to develop a beautiful friendship with Teddy. I'm looking forward to sharing more of these two with you soon...

It would be great to hear your feedback. What do you think Molly and Teddy are watching..??

Many thanks for your time.
Holly x


  1. i love the textures, and the composition its really intriguing . I think they are watching TV. Love to see more

  2. Well, it might be something a little scary, because it looks like Molly is giving reassurance to her friend (though it may be that she's the one that wants the reassurance!) Very cute and great job with that curly hair!

  3. Naw, I can really see their bond. Lovely work :)

  4. Thanks for the comments lovelies. It's great to hear how people can interpret illustrations in slightly different ways. That's why feedback is so important to me :D x